Please read this application carefully, and submit all requested information.  Print legibly.  This is your first test.






Requirements to become a North Carolina RiderCoach include:


a.       Licensed, experienced motorcycle operator with a minimum of 3 years riding experience

b.      High School diploma or equivalent

c.       21 years of age minimum

d.      Driving record with no more than 3 moving violations, no alcohol related traffic violations, and no driver’s license suspension, revocation, or denial within the three years preceding the date of application to become a coach.

e.       Graduate of a Motorcycle Safety Foundation Course (RSS, BRC, or ERC)

f.        Have a recommendation from a current RiderCoach

g.       Certified in basic first aid and CPR.


Do you meet these above requirements?  Yes _____  No _____  If not, please explain:




Teaching a motorcycle safety course is physically demanding.  It requires long hours, walking several miles in the course of a day, bending and stooping to place cones, and sometimes the need to push inoperable motorcycles for distances up to ¼ mile.  Hot and cold weather conditions can add to the strenuous conditions you will encounter while teaching the course.  Do you feel you are physically capable of performing this job?  Yes ____  No ____


To maintain certification, RiderCoaches are required to teach a minimum of three classes a year in the N.C. Community College System, and attend an annual update training session.  Do you agree to these conditions?              Yes ____  No ____


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You will also need to request, in writing, a certified copy of your driving record.  It may take several weeks to obtain the record.  Don’t delay the submission of your RiderCoach application while you wait for the driving record.  You can send the driving record at a later date or bring it to the first night of your class.


If you are currently certified in CPR/First Aid, please send a copy of your certification.



The Returning Rider Basic RiderCourse (RRBRC) is a one-day (9hour) class for riders who have not been riding for sometime or who have been riding on a permit for a time and wish to renew/refresh their basic skills and /or earn a skill test (endorsement or license) waiver for a motorcycle.  The course is not intended for a novice rider who is learning to ride for the first time.

Goals for the course include refining basic motorcycle skill, improving techniques and gaining more knowledge of risk, including how to manage risk while riding.

IMPORTANT NOTE!!   Our courses are run through the Self-Supporting divisions of the Continuing Education Programs.  This means that your tuition fee will not be refunded if you fail to show up for class, or you fail complete the course.  However, if you experience significant difficulty or become a safety risk to yourself or others, you will not be permitted to continue to ride.

We provide the motorcycles.  We recommend you bring your own DOT approved helmet, but our sites do have a limited supply of loaner helmets in the event you don't have your own.  In addition, you will be required to wear eye protection, a long sleeved shirt or jacket, long pants (preferably denim), over‑the‑ankle footwear and full fingered gloves (preferably leather). "Acceptable Footwear for Riding Activities includes any over-the-ankle "leather" footwear. Hiking boots and tennis type shoes that cover the ankle and are reinforced with padding and thick canvas or leather are also acceptable." .




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