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Please read the requirements to become a RiderCoach and complete the applications at the bottom of the page.  Interested persons must also complete the RC Checklist

Here are our requirements to become a RiderCoach.   
If you meet the requirements and are interested, keep and eye on this page for RiderCoach Training opportunities.


Requirements to become a RiderCoach


a.    Licensed, experienced motorcycle operator with a minimum of 3 years riding experience

b.    High School diploma or equivalent

c.    21 years of age minimum

d.    Driving record with no more than 3 moving violations, no alcohol related traffic violations, and no driver’s license suspension, revocation, or denial within the three years preceding the date of application to become a coach.

e.    Graduate of a Motorcycle Safety Foundation Course (BRC, ERC. or BRC2)

f.    Certified in basic first aid and CPR 

g.    Be recommended by a current RiderCoach. 
            How do you do that?  Go to the RiderCoach Checklist on this site and print it out.  Take it with you when you observe a class or two.  Have the RiderCoach fill out the units observed and sign it.  When you come to the screening, bring the completed checklist with you.  We will review your application, RiderCoach Checklist and Skill Evaluation score during screening to be considered for the next RiderCoach Training. 

h.  You are expected to be a role model for North Carolina motorcyclists, and as such, will be expected to wear the proper gear, to include a DOT helmet, eye protection, sturdy over the ankle footwear, long pants of durable material, long sleeved shirt or jacket and full fingered gloves; ANYTIME that you ride a motorcycle.

Teaching a motorcycle safety course is physically demanding.  It requires long hours, standing for extended periods of time, walking approximately 5 miles in the course of a day, Continuous bending and stooping to place cones, and sometimes the need to push inoperable motorcycles for distances up to ¼ mile.  You must be quick on your feet.  Heat and cold weather conditions can add to the strenuous conditions you will encounter while teaching the course.

RiderCoach Preparation courses are done over 4 weekends.  Friday night, 6 til 10, all day Saturday and Sunday.  Attendance is mandatory at all sessions.

To maintain certification, RiderCoaches are required to teach a minimum of three classes a year, and attend an annual update training session. 

The RiderCoach Training course will cost approximately $170 - $225.    Costs will be determined when we get our sites selected for the upcoming classes. 

RiderCoach Application


Complete and mail  application to:

Bob Wagner, Director
North Carolina Motorcycle Safety Education Program
602 West Harper Street
Snow Hill, NC   28580






                                                       Bike Safe North Carolina



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