Description of courses

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Basic RiderCourse (BRC): This 20 – 22 hour course is designed for new riders who have never ridden a motorcycle, and for re‑entry riders who have not ridden in a long time. This course offers the waiver card for the NCDMV

Basic RiderCourse 2 (BRC2) (Also known as Experienced RiderCourse): We strongly recommend this course to anybody who has been riding for a little while.  This is also a great class for returning riders. Not all of our sites offer this course.  If it is not near you, we suggest the BRC.

Advanced RiderCourse (ARC): Based on the Military SportBike RiderCourse, this one-day course is for experienced riders who desire to learn and practice more in-depth riding techniques. This course is not offered at all sites, please contact the State Office to see if it is near you.

Returning Rider Basic RiderCourse (RRBRC): One-day (9hour) class for riders who have not been riding for sometime or who have been riding on a permit for a time and wish to renew/refresh their basic skills and /or earn a skill test (endorsement or license) waiver for a motorcycle. This is an “as needed” course and is not offered at all locations or times. The BRC2 is a wonderful replacement for this course. This course is not available at this time.

3 Wheel Basic RiderCourse (3WBRC): Basic, entry-level, learn-to-ride 3-wheel motorcycle training and education course. This course offers the 3-wheel waiver card for the NCDMV

Dirt Bike Training